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Eat/Drink Up

Get your grub on

We've fired up the smoker, and a cold one is in the ice bucket ready for ya.


Please note: Our professional service team receives industry leading compensation including commissions on sales, health insurance, 401K, and extensive education and training for a successful career path. To make that possible, a 20% service charge is included on each check. T-Post Tavern retains 100% of the service charge.

For more information on our service charge, please read here.

Pick-up times available for takeout:

Wed-Sun | 11:30-9:00pm

Our fine Revelers Club members can rack up them loyalty points on all them good ol' regular To Go orders. But hold your horses, 'cause Reward Dollars, Birthday or Anniversary gifts may not be redeemed on To Go orders. And Service Charge ain't hitchin' a ride on them  To Go orders neither.

Don't miss our specials when they come 'round neither.

We keep this menu current so you can keep a look out.

Smoked Meats, Image by Jon Tyson

Kickass Smoked Meats 

You gotta taste these fresh from the smoker.

Image by Joseph Gonzalez

Cowboy Brunch

Get it 'ere soon! Stay tuned...

Image by Coralline Clin

And a whole lot more

Farm-fresh, ranch-fresh, juicy goodness ready for the table.

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